Jun 13, 2013

Bath & Body Works SAS Online Haul!

Hey everybody!

I ordered more candles from the SAS online @ BBW. I couldn't resist! I ordered these because I wanted to make sure I got all that I wanted in case my store (once SAS started in-stores) didn't have all the candles I was looking for so I went ahead and stocked up! Now, I'm not going to do a video on these, obviously, because it's nothing you guys haven't seen or heard before but I did want to share a picture! I love seeing other people's hauls so I'm assuming you guys do too! :) I picked up several candles and now I'm D O N E with SAS! I also picked up a Forever Red Golden Sugar Scrub as it was the only one on sale for $6.00 ... online anyways. I've heard good things about these so I thought I'd give it a try. Have any of you tried the Golden Sugar Scrubs? Thoughts? I hope I like it.

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