Jun 7, 2013

Bath & Body Works SAS Kitchen Spice Review!

Hey everyone!

Here is my quick review of the Kitchen Spice candle! 2 more candles to go! :)


  1. You should do some written reviews too! I love looking at reviews, but often don't have access to Youtube (such as now) except for over cellular data...and boy do videos eat that up! It's nice to be able to read them.

    1. Thanks for you feedback, Jessica! :) I will definitely do that with my remaining candles that are coming up which are Caramel Apple and Ice Cream Shop! As far as Kitchen Spice goes, it has the PERFECT burn! High flames, great wax pool, mushroom tops! Sadly, the scent throw isn't as great as my previous candle reviews on Apple Crumble and Homemade Cookies ... in my opinion of course. Apple Crumble has had the worst burn so far but it did eventually correct itself, just took forever to do so. Homemade Cookies started off a little shaky but did correct itself pretty quickly and much faster than Apple Crumble did! Ice Cream Shop will be next for me and then Caramel Apple as I'm saving it for last because it smells AMAZING!!!! :D

    2. And by bad I mean, Apple Crumble tunneled right from the start but did eventually correct itself. Homemade Cookies tunneled from that start as well but not as long as Apple Crumble did before finally correcting itself as well. :) Kitchen Spice had no tunneling issues!

    3. Thanks so much! :) I can't wait to smell these!

    4. Caramel Apple is the best one out of the bunch! I did a review on it today! ;)