Jun 18, 2013

Bath & Body Works - More Fall News!

Fall, Here We Come!

Hey everybody! It looks like Cia, (See It, Love It, Buy It), has found out for all of us even more Fall information! She is on a roll with all this Fall stuff! :) I'm so excited about all this information and a big THANK YOU to Cia for sharing it with all of us!

  • Sweet & Sexy - The Girls - The Dream Girls
    • Sweet Peony Dream
    • Black Dahlia Spice
    • Available August 5th
    • Usual Product Forms + Hair Texturizing Spray, Glam Hair Glosser, Mannequin Shimmer FFM
    • Possible other name: Sweet Dahlia Rush
  • Fall Traditions
    • Napa Autumn Blackberry
    • Aspen Caramel Woods
    • Vermont Honey Apple
    • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
    • Available August 19th
    • Usual Product Forms + Golden Sugar Scrub, Lip Gloss, Whipped Shimmer Body Cream in SCP ONLY
  • Amber Blush
    • Check Out Cia's Blog For Scent Description & Notes
    • Usual Product Forms + Golden Sugar Scrub, Golden Shimmer Body Souffl√©, EDT, Sheer Perfume Mist
    • Available September 5th
    • Sheer Perfume Mist is richer and more complex than the FFM. Has a higher concentration of fragrance oils
  • Forever Collection
    • Forever Red Rum - Name Could Change - Like Forever Red but with more Vanilla & Rum
    • Forever Midnight For Her
    • Forever Midnight For Him
    • Check out Cia's Blog for Scent Descriptions
    • Release Date Unknown
  • Home Fragrance
    • Leaves
    • Cider Lane
    • Autumn
    • Marshmallow Fireside
    • Autumn Day
    • Pumpkin Cupcake
    • Pumpkin Caramel Latte
    • Fresh Balsam
    • Cinnamon & Clovebud
    • Black Pepper Bergamot
    • Cranberry Woods
    • Nutmeg & Spice
    • Spiced Cider
    • Lemon Mint Leaf
    • Farmstand Apple
    • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
    • Fresh Picked Apple
    • Fresh Picked Pear
    • Fresh Picked Harvest Coffee (Umm .. YUM!)
    • Fresh Picked Blackberry Spice
    • Sweater Weather
    • Applewood Bonfire
    • Harvest Gathering
    • Sandalwood Citrus
    • Bergamot Woods
    • Tailgate
    • Cider Donut
    • Available August 5th - Subject To Change
  • Antibacterial
    • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - Available July 8th
    • Creamy Pumpkin - Available July 8th
    • Pumpkin Cupcake - Available July 8th
    • Pumpkin Caramel Latte - Available July 8th
    • Sweet Clementine - Available August 19th
    • Farmstand Apple - Available August 19th
    • Honey Crisp Apple - Available August 19th
    • Harvest Pumpkin - Available August 19th
    • Crimson Plum - Available August 19th
    • Heirloom Pear - Available August 19th
    • Autumn Cranberry - Available August 19th
    • Washington Apple Harvest - Available August 5th
    • Georgia Bourbon Peach - Available August 5th
    • Aspen Autumn Day - Available August 5th
    • Heartland Harvest Malade - Available August 5th
    • Montana Mountain Air - Available August 5th
    • Sugar Maple - Available September 5th
    • Hazelnut - Available September 5th
    • Autumn Bouquet - Available September 5th
    • Ruby Red - PocketBac ONLY
    • Dazzling Diamond - PocketBac ONLY


  1. Thanks for the shout out Kelley :)

    1. Of course! It's info you found out so I want to make sure people know that it's you who provided the info. :)

    2. Hey Cia ,thanks for all the exciting Fall info. I hope you don't mind but I posted the Fall info. on a fragrance forum called Fragrantica but don't worry I credited you as your the one who is the original source for the info. What do you plan to buy from the Fall Collections , I'm buying all the pocketbacs,Pumpkin Caramel Latte Candle and Room Spray, Pumpkin Cup Cake Candle and Room Spray,Marshmallow Fireside Candle,Cranberry Woods Candle, The Donut Candles, Fresh Picked Harvest Coffee and Fresh Picked Blackberry and picking any leftover Fall/Winter items as this year's Winter SAS. Quick ? the Fresh Picked Harvest Coffee and Fresh Picked Blackberry Spice are listed under Home Fragrance on your blog isn't the Fresh Picked Typically Body Care or are we getting both Body Care and Home Fragrance in that collection for the Fall/

    3. Wrong blog! This isn't Cia's blog. :)

    4. Whoops, LOL! Shoutout to You and Your blog is simply awesome, I'm literally dying (LOL!JK!) of anticipation for all the Fall stuff. Can't wait to pick up/order the Pumpkin PB's on July 8th along with 4 oz Candles in S'Mores and London Calling, Midnight Pomegranate PB, mini candles in: Lemon, Frosted Cup Cake , Coconut Leaves,Fresh Bamboo, Boathouse Row and Mahogany Teakwood. I already planned out my Fall purchases. Do you know what you may want to get from the Fall Collections? Dumb ? but the Fall PB's will be online the day their released to stores right?( I rarely go to the Mall,i'm more of a online order type of person.)

    5. Thank you! :) I'm excited for the new Fall stuff as well. Fall is my favorite season for BBW goodies because I think the candles tend to be better scents in the Fall. Is there going to be a S'mores candle? I would love that! Sounds delicious! I know I definitely want the Aspen Caramel Woods Body Care .. I think it just sounds amazing by the name alone! As far as candles go, I'm most excited about Cider Donut, Pumpkin Cupcake, and Pumpkin Caramel Latte! Yumminess! And I don't know for sure about the PocketBacs. A lot of the times, as I'm sure you know, stuff goes up like a week or so earlier than it hit stores but then other times it takes FOREVER for the items that are sold in-store to show up online. But I'm assuming that they would be online since they are releasing fall stuff so not to out them online would be kinda dumb in my opinion but again, you just never know. Hope all that makes sense LOL. :)

    6. What I meant was i'm ordering the Summertime S'mores Candle (sorry for the confusion.) I too am excited to purchase Cider Donut,Pumpkin Cup Cake and Pumpkin Caramel Latte. My best bet for the Pocketbacs is get them at the store the day their released(remember how it took for them to put the Flip Flopped Fruit, Animal and Desset Pocketbacs online? I would guess the PB's would be online with the other Fall items as well(who knows though guess will find out July 8th when the Pumpkin PB's are released.)I'm hoping the Pumpkin PB's go up a week earlier online or will be online July 8th(if not to the store I go!) That would be dumb if they didn't put them online, but have them in stores already.