Jun 30, 2013

Bath & Body Works More Fall Info + True Blue Spa First Look!

Hey everyone!

Thanks once again to Cia Arielle Malone (See It Love It Buy It), click here to go to her blog, we now have a tiny bit more fall news! There has been so much lately! ;) I recently did one BIG post on everything that we know so far, you can view that post by clicking here, so this is an addition to that post. Cia found out that there may be a couple hand soaps returning and another candle! YAY for more candles!
  • Antibacterial
    • Vanilla Buttercream - Release date not confirmed
    • Black Cherry Merlot - Release date not confirmed

  • Candles
    • Apple Ale

  • Also, thanks to Kristen Snyder via the B&BW Sistas Facebook page, we now have a first look of the new True Blue Spa items that are coming! She mentioned that the picture didn't say exactly when they were coming out but she assumed around July 8th since the Summer Chill collection was also pictured and the 8th is when it will be available in-stores. So only time will tell but I'm very much excited for the new True Blue Spa scents!


  1. Vanilla Buttercream & Black Cherry Merlot sound interesting hope they come out with the Pumpkin Soaps/Pocketbacs on July 8th. Apple Ale scented candle hmmm very interesting( I hope they don't mean it's gonna smell like Apple Beer that would be disgusting LOL!) I know that the True Blue Spa Body Bars are suppose to come out July 8th,so i'd assume that the Smoothies would too? As far as July 8th here's what's confirmed: Summer Twist Anti Bac Line,Pumpkin Anti Bac Line,Summer Chill Body Care,Forever Sunshine Body Care, 3 Wick Candles:coconut lime verbena,tropical spice,passion flower,seaside escape,caribbean salsa.

  2. Vanilla Buttercream smells like a cupcake! Black Cherry Merlot smells like wine to me - I didn't care for it but a lot of others seems to love it! Yes, if Apple Ale smells like beer - How nasty LOL. Yes, I believe the smoothies will come out July 8th too as far as I can tell by reading what others are saying. I'm dying for some Strawberry Banana, Papaya, and Blueberry Vanilla! I'm not interested in Forever Sunshine or any of those candles as I done have them. Caribbean Salsa stinks to me lol and so does Seaside Escape. But I love Passionflower. Tropical Spice, and Coconut Lime Verbena! Tropical Spice is my fave out of all of them though! :)

    1. Hey Kelly, I too hope that Vanilla Butter Cream and Black Cherry Merlot come out July 8th with the Pumpkin Anti-Bacterial Collection(I've had either but they do sound interesting.) That Apple Ale Candle sounds weird to me watch both of us be right and will smell like beer,LOL!(It would not be a good seller at all if that's how it will smell!) I've never had any of those older Tropical Candles, I did smell them at the store back in January of this year Tropical Spice is a definite purchase July 8th for sure,the other ones were nice but kinda meh(I already have Mango Peach Salsa and Pinneappe Mango so I probably won't need Caribbean Salsa.) The Summer Twist Pocketbacs, Pumpkin Pocketbacs and the Tropical Spice 3 Wick are what i'll purchase on the 8th(next week,Woo Hoo,LOL!)