Jun 4, 2013

B&BW SAS Apple Crumble 1st Impression!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you my very first impression of the Apple Crumble candle that is coming back for the Semi-Annual sale on June 12th. I will be doing this for each candle that I purchased. For Apple Crumble, the first impression is a not so good one however, a video review with more info will be coming later today!


  1. Kelley was it the scent that you were not happy with or was it the way it burned. I know I loved that candle when it first released and stocked up on it.

    1. Oh I LOVE the scent! :) Great scent throw! It was the burn ... I thought this was going to be bad news when it started out like this however, I've burned it several times now and it always starts like this but does eventually correct itself and even out. :)

  2. Yay! whew....I got worried. Great blogs...and videos