May 7, 2013

White Barn Summer Candle + Wallflower!

Today, FINALLY, I received my White Barn Summer candle and the matching wallflower refills that I ordered. I say finally because TN kind of goofed up! After placing the phone order, and waiting for several days with no package delivery, I decided to call TN back to ask for a tracking number. I call and the associate tells me that they think they saw a package in the back with my name on it. Sure enough, FedEx never picked it up. They claimed they called and Fedex didn't show but with the huge number of phone orders that I'm sure they do on a daily basis, I'm not buying it. I think someone just for got to give it to FedEx when they were there. Even if FedEx didn't show when they called the 1st time, why wouldn't they call FedEx again the next day? Anyways, I liked TN because they take coupons but I think I'll be switching back to Easton from now on regardless of coupons because their customer service is exceptional! Nothing but good things to say about those ladies!

Onto the candle and wallflower refill ... Disappointed! It's just a repackage of Eucalyptus Mint & Rain (which I have) that they have tested a couple of times now already and now again with the White Barn Summer. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I was looking for something new and different. It's a nice, fresh fragrance to me with that cologne type smell ... nothing special. So many BBW candles have been all about the cologne smell lately and I'm just ready for something different! C'mon BBW! Time to get a little more creative please. ;)

This candle won't be a repurchase for me however, I will enjoy the one I have.

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