May 7, 2013

Bath & Body Works Small Haul!

Today, I have my new hand soaps and new pocketbacs to share with you guys! I also purchased some more Summer Boardwalk and London Calling candles but everyone knows what those look like by now so I didn't bother to include them in this haul.

First off, I LOVE the packaging on these because they are so bright, fun, and represent Summer well!

- Ocean Pearl (Lightly scented with pink grapefruit, watery white freesia, and clean sands.)
- Coral Reef (Lightly scented with casaba melon, sea mist, and turquoise musk.)
- Island Bamboo (Lightly scented with fresh rain, exotic palm leaf, and crushed guava.)

- Ocean Pearl
- Coral Reef
- Island Bamboo
- Beach Flower (Lightly scented with ocean mist, dewy hibiscus, and sparkling water lily.)

I was the most excited about Ocean Pearl but in my opinion, it's a disappointment. I'm sure you've tried the original GermX? To me, that's exactly what it smells like in pocketbac form at least. :(

Coral Reed smells very much like melon. It's fruity goodness to me! :)

Island Bamboo smells similar to Rainkissed Leaves to me which I liked.

Beach Flower (the only soap I've smelled so far) smells to me like guava, fruity, but I pick up some coconut as well. My favorite scent so far out of the 4.

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