May 3, 2013

Bath & Body Works New Scentportable!

I found the CUTEST scentportable today at my store! An owl (available in green OR pink) with wings that move. I love owls for some reason so I couldn't pass him up! :) I've got a BBW haul coming later on today ...after I go back to pick up my Summer Boardwalk candles, which my manager said were going to be in today! So stay tuned....


  1. How can you not smile when you see these little owls. My store had them out last fall and I bought a bunch with the intentions of 'sharing" them. Guess who...whoo... still has all of them. Mine sits atop my cork board next to the scuba diving parrot. Great blog.

  2. So they were out last fall? That explains it because I thought it was kind of odd to see an owl during the Spring LOL. But they are so CUTE :) And thank you :) BUT I enjoy your blog soooooo much more than mine! :-)

  3. My store had/has the green owl, a brown one and a pink one. I saw the brown and green are on a back shelf hidden with the other leftover fall things and the pink is next to the spring things. And you hush, your blog is awesome. ;)

    You, Cia and I rock the BBW blog market.

    1. You are too sweet! :) But yours and Cia's is above and beyond what mine will ever be. ;)