May 29, 2013

A Little Fashion! ;)

Hey everyone!

I recently got a couple of items for Summer that I'm super excited about wearing! As a matter of fact, I'm wearing the necklace today! :) To me, it seems this season is all about funky prints on clothing. Particularly, shorts. I've never been a fan of anything crazy as far as prints go but here lately, I've started to actually like them! Anyways, I wanted to share a super cute pair of shorts with you guys that I received from JCrew (on sale). They are a pretty mint green with what I like to call arrows, ivory arrows. Super cute and I can't wait to wear them! However, I'm still searching for that perfect top to go with them. ;) I suggest you go over to and take a peek. The necklace is a MUST-HAVE! This necklace is definitely a staple item that everyone needs in their jewelry box! It's from Stella & Dot and I suggest you go check it out! It's the "Rebel" necklace. Gorgeous piece that can be worn with dressy attire or more casual attire...just a great piece for your collection! Pictures are below...

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