Apr 15, 2013

Village Candle Small Haul!

Hey everyone! I got some of the new Limited Edition candles in today from Village Candle. I purchased one Marshmallow Cocoa, one Rum Raisin, and one Caramel Kettle Corn. Can't wait to see how these burn!

Marshmallow Cocoa - Smells EXACTLY like its name! For me, it's like going to the grocery and picking up some of that Swiss hot chocolate mix that comes in a box with marshmallows included and the end result equals this candle. ;) I really like this scent!

Rum Raisin - I like this scent but I expected a little bit more of a complex scent because of the scent description. It smells like a sweet buttery caramel scent to me, which is fine, because I enjoy those types of scents but still ... I was expecting a bit more.

Caramel Kettle Corn - All I got from this is the smell of popcorn, definitely not caramel like it says in the name or even a buttery popcorn. It's like when you go to the movies and get a popcorn ... how they put all the butter on top and as you get to the bottom, you eat a piece that really has no topping on it ... that taste is what this candle smells like to me. I thought this for sure would have been my favorite but out of the three, it's my least favorite.

I would never say don't try a candle based on my review of one because we simply all smell differently.  But if there is one that is a must buy before it's gone it's MARSHMALLOW COCOA! :)

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