Apr 23, 2013

Victoria's Secret Haul!

Hey everyone! I got in a Victoria's Secret order today and of course I wanted to share it! I picked up a few more items from the new Fresh Sorbets line that I talked about in a previous post, some shower gels, and a CUTE pair of sandals for summer! :) I decided to order all this only because I had a $50 Secret Reward card and VS was offering $30 off of $150 and free shipping with a $50 purchase so I got all of this for around $80 which I thought was pretty dang good! ;)


SEEEEEE!!!! How cute are these shoes?!? I love how they are girly sandals but yet they have an edge to the with the spikes/studs on them. And of course I got black because black can be worn with anything. I believe these are $39.50 by Steve Madden.

Fresh Sorbets Body Cream from left to right:
Iced Peach & Violet, Chilled Lychee & Pink Honeysuckle, Frozen Apple & Sparkling Cassis.
I have to say Frozen Apple ... is my favorite of the 3. Perfect blend of fruity and floral.
The honeysuckle is pure floral and the peach smells like peach in the bottle but after wearing it last night before bed, after it dried it was VERY floral to me and very strong honestly. I like it but I don't think I'll be wearing it to bed again because it is strong!

Shower gels from left to right:
Secret Crush (Classis back for a limited time), Moonlight Dream, Strawberries & Champagne, Forever Pink, Pure Seduction. These all smell wonderful and are all repurchases however, Moonlight Dream is my top favorite here. It's a fresh floral scent to me that isn't too strong and I just love it! 

Some more Fresh Sorbet scents but this time in body mist! 
Next, is the new Dream Angels Kiss body lotion and body mist! I received a sample of this perfume in my last order and I just loved it so I purchased these! 

Finally, just a couple of travel size lotions in Love Spell and Amber Romance as well as a free clutch that I got with a $65 purchase. 

Oh how I LOVE Victoria's Secret! ;) <3

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