Apr 19, 2013

Victoria's Secret Beauty Haul!

Hey everyone! My recent VS order just arrived ... YAY! I got the new Fresh Sorbet scents as well as some classics that VS is offering for a limited time. I purchased Fresh Sorbets Iced Peach & Violet Body Lotion, Fresh Sorbets Frozen Apple & Sparkling Cassis Body Lotion, and Chilled Lychee & Pink Honeysuckle Body Lotion, Enchanted Apple Body Cream, Enchanted Apple Shower Gel, and Secret Crush Body Cream. I LOVE all the Fresh Sorbet scents!!! There isn't one that I don't like. And well the classics, are classics, I obviously like those haha. ;)

Fresh Sorbets Iced Peach & Violet: This one definitely smells more like peach to me than violet but you do get a hint of the floral note in it when you smell it and it's nice. It's more fruity than floral so if you aren't a fan or florals, I'd at least give this one a try!

Fresh Sorbets Chilled Lychee & Pink Honeysuckle: This one is floral but not an overpowering floral. It's a nice, fresh, clean scent and I think it's nice.

Fresh Sorbets Frozen Apples & Sparkling Cassis: This one to me smells mostly of apples. I LOVE apple scents though. There is a hint of floral, just like the peach & violet, but again more fruity than floral and if you like apple ... this one is for you!

I also used a code to get the free Dream Angels Kiss Perfume sample. If the code is still good, enter DREAMY at checkout to get your free sample. I personally love it! :)

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