Apr 12, 2013

Henri Bendel Candles Haul!

Soooo I'm so excited about these! If you didn't know or if you didn't see my previous post, Henri Bendel has candles on sale right now 2 for $50. I'd never purchased these before because they are a little steep in the price but with the sale I decided to give them a try! I have to say they are very scented. They come in a box plus they were wrapped in bubble wrap and I could smell them like crazy through the packaging. I picked up Beach and Choco Latte. I really like them both! I wouldn't suggest Choco Latte unless you are a chocolate candle fan because it smells just like milk chocolate to me. Beach is just a nice fresh scent and I'm in love with it. Pictures and scent descriptions below!

These are the boxes they come in ... Isn't the blue pretty? <3

This is what they look like. Nothing fancy, they just say Henri Bendel real small. Would go with any decor though as they don't have the bright packaging that Bath & Body Works does. 

BEACH: Instantly escape to your favorite seaside getaway with our Beach candle. Breathe in the crisp scent of salt water paired with juicy orange zest and fresh ozonic melon. Notes of warm white sand and earthly driftwood blend with the summery smells of jasmine, white lotus, creamy coconut milk and sweet rosewater. Let the vacation begin.

CHOCO LATTE: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this luscious luxury. Coca butter and dark chocolate crème are whisked together for a creamy and smooth scent that is dangerously delicious. Chocolate has never been so chic.


  1. Beach sounds awesome - I love anything with coconut , would love a review of the performance

  2. Will post a review of how well it burns. I'm planning on burning it tonight. :)