Apr 13, 2013

Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise!

Hey Everyone! I was just about to post all the info that I could remember from the Summer product guide that my local manager let me see but Cia (shoppinsweetheart.blogspot.com) has already made a post about it and covered even more than I could remember about it haha. :) But, I do have a photo of what "Pure Paradise" will look like. I think the packaging is very pretty, in my opinion, and I'm really looking forward to this launch! According to the coupon, we can look for it to launch around May 13th. 

Scent description: is a summer-chic blend of sparkling star fruit & ocean-kissed frangipani blossoms.

The limited edition Mother's Day candle had a pink flower on it (if I remember right) and said in black lettering I Love Mom 2013. It also said something "" Bouquet on it for the scent I'm assuming. I can't remember it totally as I was looking through it rather quickly so don't take my word for it. ;)

My manager had also gotten in a wallflower that I didn't see in the product guide that came with a Mahogany Teakwood single refill bulb and the Wallflower itself was just a brush bronzed color. Looked like their plain white ones except of course it had that brushed bronze look to it. Nothing spectacular in my opinion. 

Also, she had the Rome Honeysuckle Amour lip gloss in but they were not ringing up so I couldn't purchase it. :( But it was a beautiful strawberry pink color with shimmer in it. Can't wait to get my hands on it. 

The last thing that I can think to add is that I saw what looked to be a ScentPortable that came with a Caribbean Escape refill. The ScentPortable looked to be red and blue (like a bedazzled look) and I thought it was really pretty! Again, I'm trying to remember the best I can lol. 


  1. Thank you for the shout out Kelley! My store never gets the coupons out on time anymore, I got ANOTHER Bella Italy coupon with my purchase :p

    Ill be hitting up just about every other store I need to this week for a number if returns and exchanges... Essentially I am returning my 4 oz candles and buying 3 wicks... Heard from too many ppl that the 4 oz aren't all that strong.

    Getting ready to go do my own post, do you'll get a shout out of your own ;)

  2. Thank you Cia! Just wanted anyone who looked here to know you had a thorough post on the product guide. :) I couldn't remember half of what you did LOL.

  3. Lol well I sit in the store with my phone and write down just about every detail lol.