Apr 16, 2013

Bath & Body Works Dolce Candle!

Hey everyone! I got my order in from the Easton test store today!

Here is Dolce, the final candle from the Italian line I do believe. :)

My first thought was yes, it does smell like Vanilla Bean Noel however, I think it is somewhat sweeter and I smell a tad more caramel in it BUT they are definitely very, very much alike.

If you want to order these, I would suggest ordering them from TN, (423-282-0008), because I placed an order (new test scent wallflower bulb refills coming up in my next post...stay tuned) and they allowed me to use a 20% off coupon. They only reason I ordered the candles from Easton is because I get stuff next day from them. If you order from TN, they want to verify that you actually have the coupon, so they ask a few questions about it like where you got it and what it says on it so have it in hand when you place an order. :)

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