Mar 29, 2013

Victoria's Secret Beauty Haul!

Soooo ... Victoria's Secret has some new scents out for Spring and let's just say ... I totally recommend Sparkling Citrus: Lemon Escape. It's Lemon + Sugar + Coconut! Yummy! This is limited edition and right now they have the 7 for $35 deal going on so I highly suggest you go and pick some up! I also picked up a limited edition Bombshell Italian Iris body mist ($25) which I like, not love. It's a nice non-overpowering floral scent but it doesn't do it for me as good as the original Bombshell does. Enjoy!


  1. We seem to like alot of the same scents Kelley! I got Lemon Sugar and Bombshell Italian Iris this week myself :)

  2. Yes, your pics and reviews are the reason I got these two scents which I like too. :) Oh!? Did I mention I also bought 5 more Jewelry Candles based on your reviews hahaha. ;)