Mar 28, 2013

New Items on B&

I see some new items have trickled online. They have two new pedestal candle stands for the 4 oz candle and mini candle. Plus, a new one for a 14.5 oz candle but it is not a pedestal like the one for the 4 oz and mini candle. In the 3-Wicks we have Limoncello, Espresso Bar, and Gelato. In mini candle form we have Limoncello, Gelato, Sicilian Orange, and Tuscan Herb. Mini candles are 3 for $10. 3-Wicks are currently on sale for 2 for $22. Great coupon offer right now is TWENTY50 at checkout for 20% off and free shipping over 50! Enjoy! :)


  1. I'm excited! The candles should be out in the stores tomorrow. :)

  2. My manager let me buy Espresso Bar yesterday. If you love the aroma of walking into a coffee shop + a hint of chocolate then you will love this candle. It smells delicious lol! Limoncello, I like much better than their regular Lemon candle. I think it's more sweet. Gelato has a nice light fruity scent but I think the scent throw is no good on this one even though it really does smell nice. :) I thought I liked Tuscan Herb but when I smell it now, I don't. Lol. Sicilian Orange smells like like what it's supposed to ... and orange. ;) Hope you get your hands on some tomorrow!!! :-)

    1. Thanks! I might try to go see if my store will let me buy them today...tomorrow is my birthday so I'm going out of town! I won't be able to get my hands on them until later! And I'm impatient. :) I think for sure I'll pick up two Espresso Bar's and probably a Sicilian Orange...though I'm not sure, maybe Gelato!

  3. I bet they will let you buy them! :) I mean they would be goofy not to since they come out tomorrow lol. Happy early Birthday!!! Have a good one!