Mar 26, 2013

New B&BW Test Candles!

Thanks to LBD (LittleBallaDeer), I found out there were new test scents to order! They are White Water Birch, Sage & Cedar, Sandalwood Citrus, and Oakmoss & Vetiver. I wanted to share pictures of the packaging and the scent descriptions. Enjoy! 

Sage & Cedar: Experience an exotic and rich blend of sage, cedar and rare tonk a bean. 

White Water Birch: Brighten up your home with a fresh, clean blend of marine notes, woods and just a bit of citrus. 

Oakmoss & Vetiver: Infuse your home with a luxurious blend of oak moss, vetiver and lavender. 

Sandalwood Citrus: Discover a new take on citrus in a blend of grapefruit, lemon peel and sandalwood wrapped up in warm musk. 

Basically, these all smell like cologne or just a nice fresh out of the shower scent. If I were going to pick a favorite, which none of them are really standouts, it would be Sage & Cedar. I ordered these from Easton White Barn if interested. They do not take coupons any more. No 20% off or survey coupons. :(

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