Mar 25, 2013

Jewelry Candles!

So, browsing on Facebook, I came upon a FB page for a company called Jewelry Candles. Being a fan of candles and home fragrance, I decided to give this a try. I ordered their Birthday Cake candle and I have to say I'm already impressed without even burning the candle yet. You could smell the candle through the packaging so I'm sure the candle will have great scent throw but more on that in a later post. The cool thing is they include a piece of jewelry in each candle that have a variety of different values. It could be earrings or a ring won't know what you've got until you've burned the candle. I thought this was just a neat idea and would definitely make a great gift for someone. It's a very large, 21 oz, soy scented candle. They sent along a coupon to share on FB or Twitter with my order confirmation email and I wanted to share it...

Here is the link for 10% off for any of you who are interested thru March 31st: 

I think these are great candles with a neat idea behind them and I will definitely be buying more!
By the way if it's cake you want to smell, this candle is for you, it's full on Birthday Cake!
Plus, they are from my state, so I have to represent lol. ;)
Can't wait to burn and see what jewelry I got.
I am no way affiliated with this company, just wanted to share this very neat candle. :)


  1. That's a neat idea! I'd be sad if I got earrings ears aren't pierced! :P

    I'm also scared to buy candles online that I haven't smelled before...though I am interested in trying some of the Candle's by Victoria scents...either wax tarts or candles...I haven't decided. It's good because she describes her 100's of scents! She does B&BW/Yankee/etc dupes as well as things in candles you can't find anywhere like Oatmeal Milk & Honey (YUM!).

  2. I have to say the Jewelry Candle in the Birthday Cake scent I got, I burned it last night for a couple of hours, it is straight up the way a birthday cake smells. I was totally impressed! :)

    I've tried Candles by Victoria. The best thing to do is order her scent shots to try out new scents. I think they are $2.00 a piece and because she has so many scents ... by ordering the scent shots you can try out quite a few scents for pretty cheap before purchasing the candle. Her candles are highly scented, definitely the best throw I've ever experienced so you really need to love the scent before you buy the full size candle lol because your entire house will smell like the candle you choose to burn. :) I love her Cinnamon Crumb Crunch candle. I believe it's only $9.50. They also have great body sprays, lotions, and soap. I've ordered all three of those in the scent Cantaloupe and it smells exactly like Cantaloupe lol. :) They also have a code that is always good for 10% off. Enter cbvictoria at checkout if you decide to order anything. :-)

    1. That's awesome! Thanks so much for the tips. :) I may order this weekend after my paycheck goes through. I've been wanting to try a few of them for some time now!

  3. You're welcome! If you do decide to order, let me know what you think when you get them. :)