Mar 25, 2013

Bath & Body Works Haul + Newbies!

Hey guys! I just got back from my local B&BW store where I stocked up on the $5 shower gels in the scents that are supposedly being discontinued. I got 2X Cherry Blossom, 2X Midnight Pomegranate, and 2X Secret Wonderland. My manager also informed me that Vanilla Verbena has already been pulled from the shelves, boxed up, and I assume holding it until SAS. It's a goner. Good news though, my sweet, sweet manager again let me buy some things early. I got my hands on the Venice Dolce Berry previews and the new True Blue Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Scrub and the Cooling Foot Spray. I obviously haven't tried the True Blue Spa products yet but I have to say hands down ... Venice Dolce Berry is my FAVORITE out of the Italy line. It's definitely a berry scent but again mixed with some floral. It's just a very nice scent! I'm loving this Italy line! Can't wait to get the FFM's. ;) 

HAUL! ;)

True Blue Spa Malibu Beach Cooling Foot Spray in Cool Mint - Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Scrub. 

 Venice Dolce Berry.

My next post is from a company called Jewelry Candles. Stay tuned. ;)


  1. Nice haul! :) I'm probably going to skip the $5 body's a good deal, but I already have so many. :D Also, I'm excited for the Italy line...I ordered my previews (one of each), they should be here Thursday!

    Do you know if they will continue with daily deals this week?

  2. Hey Jessica! Thank you for commenting. :) I'm with you! I honestly didn't need these body washes because I have so many but it's always difficult for me to pass up on deal of the day's haha! I'm so excited for the Italy line too! I'm just dying to get some Fine Fragrance Mist's and Body Cream in all 3 scents. ;) Let me know what you think of the previews when you get them! I enjoy reading other people's opinions. I don't know if they will continue with the daily deals this week ... but I hope so ... I'd rather see the $6 FFM's than anything. :-)

  3. Jessica, I just read on FB that tomorrow's deal of the day is $5 True Blue Spa Cashmere Hand Cream. This probably means that they'll have a deal of the day for the entire week though. ;)

    1. Not sure I want that deal either. :P I may still hit the stores today...just because...why not? :) I do have some candles to return, so maybe I'll do that. Someone on Youtube noted that they had the Italian candles out in their store yesterday I believe (3 or 4 weeks early in a non-test store?!)...while I doubt they'll be in mine I still want to check!

  4. Yeah, I'm not into that deal either. I don't really find that one to be much of a deal anyways. I'd definitely check because I know my store had the Italian candles in the back so even if they aren't out yet, it doesn't hurt to ask if they will sell you one or at the very least let you smell them so you know which ones you will want to purchase if you haven't smelled them all yet. Espresso Bar was definitely my favorite one of the bunch. Smells exactly like walking into a coffee shop to me. :) With all this Italian stuff at the stores already, I don't understand why they have it all so early for it just to sit in the back. I mean if you got it, put it out already, we want to buy it! Lol.