Jan 17, 2013

Sephora & Ulta Haul!

Got some new goodies that I wanted to share! I had a gift card from Christmas for Sephora so I splurged a little bit and Ulta, well, just really wanted to try some Deborah Lippmann nail polish! Got some great items and I will post my reviews after I've used them for a little bit. ;)

Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment. This product is kind of expensive but it had such great reviews that I really wanted to try it. It says you can wear it all over as a mask or put it only on a problem area. It's supposed to help all kinds of things from acne to large pores. Here's to hoping it lives up to the hype and price! Will review more later on after I've used it.

This is a new NAKED Beauty Balm by Urban Decay. It's their version of bb cream basically, I think. I'm a fan of the NAKED palettes so I wanted to give this a shot. It claims to do all kinds of good things for the skin and has SPF 20 in it which is great! I wore it today for the first time and I instantly noticed how smooth it made my skin. Again, I will review more once I've used it more. 

Now, Sephora is finally selling D&G makeup! :) I've bought this mascara once before from SAKS and I fell in love with it! I've also tried Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill and this beats it by far in my opinion! This is definitely my go-to mascara! It gives lots of volume and is a "true black" mascara. Can't say enough good things about it! It's also kind of expensive but worth every penny!

Can't wait to try these because I've heard such good things. Particularly, about the glitter polishes. 
These 2 shades from left to right are: I Know What Boys Like & Between The Sheets.

These 2 shades from left to right: Candy Shop & Today Was A Fairytale.

Like I said, will review more on these but I would like to know your all's go-to beauty products!? Have you tried any of these? Cons? Pros? I wanna know! ;)

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