Jan 10, 2013

Pretty Little Liar's Premiere - 1/8/13

Ok, ok, ok is there anybody out there that was as EXCITED as me for PLL to return? I love this show with all its twists and turns! At the beginning of the episode, when Toby is chasing down someone in a black hoody on a skateboard, I just couldn't believe how well Toby has that "A" face down! How creepy was it when Mona was hovering over Hanna's bed in the middle of the night? I mean HELLO, how was that girl even able to get in at that time of night? Haha!

Anyways, I'm over here hoping that Toby is playing a double-agent. I got this theory from a few episodes back where Toby and Spencer got into a fight because she wouldn't tell him what was going on and he told her (before he left) that if she wouldn't tell him then he would just figure it out himself. So based on that, I'm hoping Toby is only doing this to help the girls. :)

Other things I picked up:

  • CREEPY Byron! I think it would be too easy for him to be involved in Ali's murder but still a creep!
  • When Aria stabbed someone with a screwdriver in the Halloween episode well ... Jason has a wound on his side that looks like it could be from a screwdriver. Mona + Jason = Trouble?
  • Lucas told Hanna that he hurt his leg in a skateboarding accident. Was he the one Toby was trying to run over? 
  • Creepy guy that was at the lodge where all of A's things were is now the janitor at the high school?
  • Why did Toby, Mona, or A or whoever mess with that poor kids bike at the end? 
  • And where the heck was Jenna? 
Anyways, I'd love to here your all's thoughts on the episode and also predictions?! 

Sincerely, Kelley XOXO

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