Jan 16, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Episode... 1-15-2013

Was last night's episode good or what? I can't wait until next Tuesday! :)

First, Aria's dad is getting creepier and creepier by the second! Like I said in my previous PLL post, I don't think he will end up being Ali's murderer because that would certainly be too easy BUT maybe there will be a twist with him.

Second, what's up with Aria? Do you think it's just the flu or do you think it's something else? All I could think of last night is, "Oh no! She's pregnant." Which would be terrible giving that she is already hiding one child from Ezra. I wish she would just tell him already. I'm not sure the writers would take on Aria being pregnant though but who knows. Only time will tell. ;)

Third, I wanted to yell at the TV and tell Paige and Emily to get the heck out of the woods!? After all these girls have been through, you would think taking a walk in the woods would be unheard of but no! And so when they get back, the tire is slashed and as we all know it was Toby who did it. I'm still hoping that Toby is GOOD. I hope he is only pretending to be on the A-Team to help the girls. See I think, he slashed the tires, so that Paige and Emily wouldn't make it to the party where something shady may have been going to go down. Thoughts??? #TeamToby (Yes, I know hashtags don't work here lol)

Fourth, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. I feel sorry for him.

Fifth, Can you believe Mona beat Spencer? Mona is up to no good and I loved what Spencer said to Hanna afterwards. Something along the lines of she can get to us right here as in she doesn't have to be A to take us down. On another note, I loved Mona's outfits last night. Girl got style even if she is mean lol.

Sixth, this is total scheming on my part but I think Meredith is going to be involved somehow. When she left Aria's room last night after giving her tea, she stopped in the doorway with a creepy look I thought. And then at the end when Mona called someone and said Byron was leaving his office, I think she was calling Meredith to warn her that he was on his way back home. Like I said, total speculation on my part lol.

Can't wait until next week! Until then, I'd love to hear your all's thoughts and predictions!? :)

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