Jan 22, 2013

Bath & Body Works Italian Test Candles!

Hey everyone! I just received my Italian line of candles today in the mail and I wanted to share pictures and my thoughts on each one. I must say that I actually like everyone of them and that NEVER happens. So excited about these so lets get into it! I'm going to post my thoughts on each one under each picture and I will put scent descriptions at the end. :)

Pizzeria is definitely interesting! I can't wait to see what it smells like burning. My husband describes this as smelling like frozen pizza rolls that you get at the grocery. I agree but I still like it though but it's my least favorite out of all of them. 

I thought I wouldn't like this one but to my surprise I LOVE it! I thought it would be more spicy but it's a very light fragrance blended together nicely. 

This one is down right fruity. I really like it! If you like fruity smells, you'll enjoy this!

MY FAVORITE! This is a wonderful blend of coffee and vanilla! Smells just like a coffee shop and I love it! I can't get enough of it! I smell some chocolate in it as well.

Pure lemon scent. I love this smell for my kitchen. 

It's nice, sweet, and lightly fruity. I don't know if this one will have a big scent throw however, I still like it. Sometimes it's nice to have a candle that is sweet but not so overpowering. 

I must say I'm impressed with this line thus far. :)
According to bathandbodyworksinsiders.blogspot.com, these 14.5 oz will be available to order on the 28th. Can't wait! You can order these from the White Barn in the Easton Town Center in Ohio. Just google it to find the number as I don't have it on me right this second. 

Pizzeria: Pizza, one of Italy's greatest gifts to the world, is celebrated in this fragrant blend of cracked black pepper, basil, tomato sauce and warm, crusty dough. 

Tuscan Herbs: Aromatic herbs from sun-drenched soil of Tuscany inspired this fragrance that blends fresh basil, parsley and garden greens. 

Bellini Cafe: The Italian love of life is captured in a blend of sparkling berries, juicy apple and sugared grape notes. Bellissimo!

Espresso Bar: In Italy, you never take your coffee "to go" - instead you stop and savor the aromas of roasted espresso beans and sweet vanilla froth that inspired this fragrance. 

Limoncello: Raise your glass to this fragrance inspired by Italy's beloved drink, Limoncello, with its notes of Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest. 

Gelato: A creamy, sweet blend of raspberry and strawberry with an effervescent spun sugar finish becomes the perfect fragrance indulgence. Bravo, Bravo!

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